• Solutions

    Doy Pouch

    Standup Pouch, various materials that are able to stand upright on their own, due to the shape of the bottom of the pouch.

    These pouches can be all kinds of shapes and styles, with recloseable features and many more options. We automatically open fill and seal these pouches.

    Automation and Control Systems

    Line Integration

    Line Integration

    Line Integration can be as simple as 2 machines working seamlessly together to a full line of 20 machines working together.

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    Marking Systems

    Ink Jet Coding System


    Continuous Ink Jet System to add Best Before dates, lot numbers and addresses

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    Poly Bagging Solutions

    Pre-Made Bagging Systems

    CAM CR8-300DZ


    Duplex Pre-Made bagger.? Double time…

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    Pre Made Bagging system for Flat bottom bags.? Can be integrated with Linear or Multi Head Weighers

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    CAM Vertical Bagging Equipment

    VFFS Systems

    Complete system can be provided.? From bulk product to individual bags.

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    SS Pre-made Bagger


    Single Station entry level Pre-made bagging machine.? Bags can be many different sizes shapes, with zipper, 3 sided seal, free flowing, powders, liquids

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    Rental Equipment

    CAM Singulator 4 Lane

    Singulator 4L

    Designed and Built by CAM to provide a unique counting solution

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    Combination Filling System

    Custom integration to create an automatic filling system for various loose

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    Multi Head Weighing and Fill Line

    14 MHW

    Simple low cost Automation: Multi Head Weigher high accuracy, high speed.? Integrate with our conveying solution for a smooth transition.? Place a CAM bagging line, conveyor or other packaging media under the scale and complete your automation with great productivity.

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    CAM Complete Pre-Made Bagging System


    Automatic Pre-Made bagging system. Included multi-head weigher, metal detection, bagging system, check weigher and collections.

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    Robotic System Solutions

    Picking Robots

    Solutions to maximize your productivity with a great return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

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    Custom Solutions

    Custom Robotic Solutions, designed for pain in the _ _ _? projects

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    Singulator 4 Lane

    Singulator 4L

    4 Individual lanes to count and mix your items together accurately.

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    Singulator 6 Lane

    Singulator 6L

    Counting system for 6 different items or one.? Create the variety flavour of package you wish on demand to the exact count

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    Weighing Solutions

    VCF 500

    VCF 500

    Volumetric Cup Filler, can be adjust for various sizes.? Includes large hopper 4 rotary cups and integration to bagger, carton or case below.

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    Linear Head Scale 1L

    1L - 4L

    Linear Scale 1 – 4 Lanes available.

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